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What Is A Certified Signing Agent?

A Certified Signing Agent is an industry-recognized, commissioned Notary Public who specializes in the process of obtaining and notarizing the signatures of the party(ies) involved on real estate loan documents for the purpose of closing a real estate loan transaction. This individual is knowledgeable in what lenders and borrowers expect and how to be responsible and ethical in the proper handling of the borrower’s personal information. While it is not a requirement, education and certification puts the signing agent ahead of the competition and secures their ability to work with the top title and mortgage services companies.

Certified Signing Agent vs. Notary Public

A Certified Notary Signing Agent also means that this individual Notary Public has had his or her training and testing completed by a professional organization.  Signing Agents who complete this strengthened certification process will possess the most valuable and trusted credentials in the nation. Lenders, law firms, title companies and loan document signing services recognize that they are knowledgeable and competent with the loan documents and signing procedures.

Signing Agent Certifications

No state government governs or participates in the certification of signing agents, however if a Notary Public identifies themselves as a Certified Notary Signing Agent, it would be useful to ask who they were certified by since standards for education and testing differ widely from company to company. Notary Publics who seek signing agent education and certification should look for a credible, independent entity to administer the training and examination.

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